The Third NOOP.NL Rerun…

So, what do you do when you're a prolific blogger, and you're faced with no backlog of articles, too little time to write a new post, and a strong desire to keep a steady pace of publications?


You do a rerun!

This time I have been very busy preparing the start of my new project. You know, the secret one? The project that some of you are very eager to know more about? Yes, that one.

I will occasionally use this space to refer to three vintage blog posts of mine. Like I am doing now. There's a good chance you haven't read these posts yet. And I hope you like them!

The Agile Blind Spot (18 Mar 2008)
The biggest problem with agile methods is that they rely on people being smart and attentive. The "people over process" paradigm is great, until you find out that your team consists of two trolls, a parrot and a hairdresser, and a relatively bright project manager, who happens to be deaf, blind and mute.

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Every Project Will Fail (20 Mar 2008)
We all know the industry reports (particularly the CHAOS report of the Standish Group) saying that only a small number of software projects are successful. But when is a software project successful? People have been struggling to find a proper definition for project success for years, and nobody seems to have succeeded.

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Honor Thy Errors (24 Mar 2008)
Errors are an essential part of biology. Countless species on this planet could never have evolved if it wasn't for the intentional errors (mutations) in their genes that slightly change their DNA with each new generation. Errors can benefit software projects too, because errors allow you to acquire knowledge in situations that might be crucial somewhere down the road.

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