1st Anniversary: Your Opinion Please!

Tomorrow (or today if I compensate for last year's leap day) this blog is celebrating its
first anniversary. Exactly one year ago I wrote that this blog is my
5th attempt at producing something valuable and lasting. But I also wrote
that five is my lucky
. Therefore, success was surely inevitable.

And behold… one year later
the blog's RSS feed has reached 2,500 subscribers, and in the last 7 days
the site itself enjoyed 10,096 visits. Besides that, next to the usual
stream of indecent proposals, I'm now also getting a new stream of decent

I guess it's time to take you people

To understand why you're reading my blog, and how
to make it more valuable
to you, I've put together a list of 10 simple questions. I would
really, really, really appreciate it if you answered the questions of this


I know that lots of things can be improved, and it
would mean a lot to me if you could all help me set my priorities, by filling out the form. (If the
form below doesn't work for you, just follow the link.)

What do you think of NOOP.NL?

Thank you all!

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(picture by net_efekt)

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