The Last Meta-Post (for Now)

Note: By posting this, I run the risk of people calling me a "meta-blogger" again (see below). But I can live with that. At least it sounds better than intrepid troll.

Some time ago I did a little survey on this blog. No less than 119 people filled out the questions form, and I got a lot of interesting feedback. I’m giving you some of the highlights here. And if you notice me making some changes to the blog in the next couple of weeks, you'll know it's because of all these useful responses I got. I thank you all for taking the time to give me that feedback!

Your response to my suggested changes:

  1. The frequency of posts can stay the same, possibly somewhat lower. But preferably on same days and times.
  2. The length of posts can stay the same, possibly somewhat smaller. Definitely not longer.
  3. The number of top 100 lists could stay the same, but a few more would be fine.
  4. The number of celebrity interviews is exactly right.
  5. The amount of personal info is fine, but a little more would be OK.
  6. The amount of humor can be increased somewhat.
  7. Video is not really needed.
  8. Presentations would be very useful.
  9. Not interested in naked pictures of either Britney Spears or Ron Jeffries.

Why are you reading this blog?

  • I came across it because of one of the lists, and I don't know why (honestly) but it's interesting. Also maybe by writing smart comments, and challenging what you say, you will try to hire me in the future (lol). [Sounds good, let’s talk!]

  • You don't act like you're perfect. [Yes, that’s one of my short-comings.]
  • Sometimes I don't agree with your opinions, which is great since there's a place to fight… I mean discuss. Keep up the good work.
  • It's relevant, informative and well written … Do you do any actual work? 🙂 [I’m a manager, I do nothing. NOOP = NO OPeration.]
  • To get ideas and inspiration – but mainly so I can put off working on my crufty code for a bit longer…
  • Because you’re Dutch and I'm Dutch too and married to a Dutchman.
  • Because I usually agree with you, so you must be brilliant. Seriously though, when I'm being crushed by the mile-high waterfall at my current job, it makes me feel better to know there are reasonable people out there. [Obviously, you’re brilliant too.]
  • I love the interviews with software legends, and update my 'to read' list and RSS feeds from this blog faster then I can read them.
  • 1. Great content. 2. Great source of links to other great content (blogs, books). 3. Catchy name ;P
  • Being one of your colleagues, reading your blog informs me about the direction the company can go. [Oops]
  • I found it because of the 100 Best Blogs for Developers list. Out of those + the next 25, this is one of the 9 remaining on my RSS list. It hasn't joined my list of favorites yet, but it's close. [I’m working on that.]

How can I improve this blog?

  • I don't know how you keep up with it. I have troubles blogging once/twice a month. Be careful in your humor as you can upset people and not know it.
  • If I knew, I'd be writing a popular blog. [Good point.]
  • Make this survey, or something similar, available to your readers all the time, so that you get a timely trickle of feedback. Your blog is very enjoyable. Thank you for taking the time to write it.
  • Larger font size, wider design. We are using modern LCD monitors you know! [Yes, but the trend is tighter designs.]
  • Don't get too concerned about what we, your public(!), say, and concentrate on great posts and new ideas. [OK, I will ignore this. :)]
  • I didn't really like the interview posts. You interviewed some high-profile people but you asked them all the same questions making the interviews bland and not really doing the interviewees justice. [Interesting. They said they liked it, you know.]
  • It's really cool the way your doing. But I've to disagree that Joel on Software is #1 and CodingHorror is #2 on the list of blogs for developers. [I agree, I should be in that slot.]
  • Skip the SWOT analysis for other blogs.
  • Well, I don't really like all the self-referential posts you have been writing lately: the ones about how to make your blog more popular. It's not very enjoyable when you constantly seem to ask for more attention. [Who, me?]
  • Being a developer and not a manager, I would rather hear more stories about the troops in the trenches (developers) grappling in mortal hand to keyboard combat, rather than the officer (managers) quaffing their cognac from the safety of their chalet 1000 miles from the front. [Oops, I spilled my cognac while laughing.]
  • Some info on your current job and your actual-life problems and how you solve them would be really interesting.
  • Stick to the blog's original theme. Don't meta-blog. I'm not interested in how your blog's faring in rankings. [Indeed. BTW, I’m ranking much higher these days.]
  • If I have a complaint, it's that you talk a lot about how to improve it, which sometimes conveys the impression that you are trying (too) hard. [I'm afraid I can be even worse than this.]
  • Fine as it is.

That’s it for now. I promise I will stop meta-blogging for a while. But I might continue to use my Twitter feed for that, if you don’t mind.

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