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13-12-2012: Where’s the End?

10-12-2012: I Tried Education Days, Didn’t Work

20-11-2012: In Which Domain Should We Have Common Sense?

12-11-2012: It’s Not About Women, It’s About Networks

07-11-2012: The 6 Rules for Rewards

29-10-2012: I Don’t Care About “Agile”

25-10-2012: Many Simple Models Over One Complicated Model

04-10-2012: Nonviolent Communication (Stop It!)

26-09-2012: Why Not Delight the Supplier?

03-09-2012: The Trojan Form of Change

28-08-2012: Is Your Work an Expression of Your Life?

27-08-2012: A Task Board That Really Sucks

24-07-2012: Improved MLA Style Guide: Delighting the Reader

04-07-2012: Management Dysfunction: Measuring Happiness

28-06-2012: Managers Should Not Be Coaching Developers

20-06-2012: Egocentric Leadership

07-06-2012: Management 2.0 Is the Right Thing Done Wrong

24-05-2012: A Sense of Ownership

07-05-2012: Eating Elephants

26-04-2012: Celebrate Learning, Not Success or Failure

12-04-2012: The Bishops of Oih versus the Knights of Nih

03-04-2012: Slack Is for Optional Stuff, Not for Important Stuff

29-03-2012: We’re Not So Different, You And I

21-03-2012: What If We Started Organizing *Real* Conferences?

12-03-2012: Delegation Does Not Mean Negation

26-02-2012: Don’t Be Intimidated

13-02-2012: The Cynefin Agile Lean Mixup

09-02-2012: Unprofessional Behavior

24-01-2012: You’re Not a Complexity Thinker When…


21-12-2011: The T-Shirt Test

19-12-2011: Management Models, Values & Principles?

12-12-2011: How Do I Deal With My $%*! Organization?

06-12-2011: Your Work Is Awesome, Your Work Is Crap

16-11-2011: The Mojito Method

13-11-2011: The Happiness Door, Another Great Feedback Method

01-11-2011: Networked Kanban

10-10-2011: Change the Environment, Not the People

06-10-2011: Work the Network

28-09-2011: Meddlers (Free Exercise)

26-09-2011: Moving Motivators (Free Exercise)

14-09-2011: How to Change the World (After 15 Years of Failure)

08-09-2011: 21 Concrete Practices for Agile Managers

22-08-2011: Delight Your Stakeholders

27-06-2011: The Purpose of a Business is NOT Customer Value

14-06-2011: Change Management 3.0

02-06-2011: American Learning Experience

30-05-2011: Triple-Loop Learning

18-04-2011: The Feedback Door

05-04-2011: It Takes Complexity to Handle Complexity

07-03-2011: The “Optimal” Fallacy

18-02-2011: Agile Doesn’t Make Sense, It Makes a Difference

02-02-2011: Black Swans, Broken Windows, and Magicians

20-01-2011: Reinventing Retrospectives

03-01-2011: Measure Yourself with Measures


20-12-2010: How to Deal with Unknown Unknowns

02-12-2010: Story of a (Fictional) Doomed Software Business

22-11-2010: No True Agile, No True Lean, No True Latte

04-11-2010: The Idea Farmer

25-10-2010: The Customer Value Problem: Ditch the Value Stream!

27-09-2010: Continuous Reflection *Before* Time Management

07-09-2010: Simplicity: A New Model

31-08-2010: This Software Method Doesn’t Work Here

28-07-2010: Diversity? You Mean Connectivity!

26-07-2010: Every Team Must Be a Value Unit

19-07-2010: How to Make a Presentation

16-07-2010: It’s About Being Competent, Not About Being ___

12-07-2010: Cross-Functional Teams Don’t Come Free

18-06-2010: 360 Degrees Dinner

14-06-2010: T-Shaped People

31-05-2010: Hyper-Productivity, or Autocatalysis

11-05-2010: The 9 Capabilities of Communicators

26-04-2010: It’s Only Communication When There’s Verification

25-03-2010: 10 Questions to Ask Your New Manager

23-03-2010: 7 Approaches to Competence Development

09-03-2010: Some Day Kanban Will Fail 75% of the Time

22-02-2010: The Success of the Agile Memeplex

11-02-2010: Discipline * Skill = Craftsmanship

08-02-2010: In Defense of Scrum (Please Stop Pissing on It)

19-01-2010: Protect People

05-01-2010: Management 3.0: The Era of Complexity


28-12-2009: Yes, Good Managers Are Manipulators

14-12-2009: Management: A Deceptive Metaphor

23-11-2009: If You Want Something Done, Practice Your Patience

12-11-2009: Choosing Authority Levels for Team Members

09-11-2009: Reduce Your Fear, Increase Your Status

05-10-2009: The Danger of Lean: Ignoring Social Complexity

01-10-2009: The Do-It-Yourself Team Values Kit

14-09-2009: The Three Phases of Creativity

03-09-2009: ScrumButs Are the Best Part of Scrum

20-08-2009: Are We Abusing Science?

24-07-2009: Commit to Sprint Planning or Definition of Done, Not Both

01-07-2009: Agile Is NOT a Risk Management Strategy

19-06-2009: One Curse a Day Keeps the Burnout Away

16-06-2009: People Don’t Listen

20-05-2009: Self-Organization = Anarchy

11-05-2009: The Big Agile Practices Survey Report

08-05-2009: You Are a Gardener (Oh, and Me Too)

29-04-2009: Empowered, Whether You Like It or Not

08-04-2009: The Optimal Team Size is Five

18-03-2009: Your Software Project Has No Goal

02-03-2009: The Complex Manifesto for Software Development

17-02-2009: Checklist for an Agile Game

05-02-2009: The Decline and Fall of Agilists

03-02-2009: Sugar, Spice and Vitamins

26-01-2009: How to Handle Multiple Customers

13-01-2009: 100 Interview Questions for Software Developers

12-01-2009: Team Members, Be Predictable!


16-12-2008: Real Agile Teams Can Flock

09-12-2008: Embrace Diversity, Erase Uniformity

07-12-2008: No, I Will NOT Call Your Ex-Boss

23-11-2008: The 12 Best Questions for Team Members

06-11-2008: That’s Why We Need Managers! (But Only a Few)

12-10-2008: How to Do Many Projects with Few People (4 parts)

07-10-2008: To Motivate or Not to Demotivate

27-08-2008: People over Process: a Universal Law

24-08-2008: Creativity as the Root of Software Development

18-07-2008: List of Software Development Methodologies

06-07-2008: Oh My God, They Killed the Bug (You Bastards!)

30-06-2008: 10 Principles of Agile Project Time Management

25-05-2008: How to Select a Fine Technical Manager

25-04-2008: The Perfect Job Interview Question

23-04-2008: Thank You, Stupid Americans

16-04-2008: A Product Is Successful Until It Fails

11-04-2008: Why Developers Are Never Really Happy

18-03-2008: The Agile Blind Spot

13-03-2008: Why I Would Never Hire Steve Yegge

09-03-2008: Make It Simple vs. Do It Simple

01-03-2008: Iterative and Incremental Development: New Definitions

23-02-2008: Software Development Ethics (Not French!)

14-02-2008: Competence Development: The Cone of Incompetence

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