It’s About Being Competent, Not About Being ___

I am ___.

It’s not by choice. That’s how I was born.

I am perfectly happy being ___. It’s no big deal. It’s just the way it is. But other people are making a fuss about it.

Some say there ought to be more people who are ___ in software development. They say we must invite people who are ___ to try a technical career. Because there aren’t enough of them in our industry.

I don’t see why.

Either people who are ___ like software development, or they don’t. (It’s unlikely they’ve never heard of it. Unless they are ***)

I don’t favor an annual celebration day for ___ people in software development.

And I don’t need awards or programming languages named after people who are ___.

And I certainly don’t like government subsidies for people who are ___.

And I definitely don’t like positive discrimination (affirmative action) in favor of people who are ___. Because it is an insult to people like me who are both ___ and competent enough to create a career on their own.

And besides, if we support people who are ___, then we should also support people who are @@@, ###, &&&, — or ===. And where does that end?

Of course, when some #*! people are negatively discriminating against ___ people, we should fight them. But that's all there is to it. Neutrality is our end goal. It's not a stop somewhere halfway.

I’m very happy that I am where I am today because I am competent. Not because some people pushed me here, just because I am ___.

(image by Dierk Schaefer, who is +++)

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