Birthday Tweetup: Tuesday July 20, 2010

Next Tuesday is my birthday.

It’s going to be a special birthday because my age will reach the 13th prime number. So cool!

And so I invite you to celebrate this with me at my birthday tweetup at Dudok Rotterdam, between 20:00 and 22:00 on July 20th.

And I have an idea for a birthday present…

I hope to get 3,000 followers on Twitter.

I will buy you a free drink and a piece of Dudok apple pie if you’re there, but… only if you help me to get me my present!

I’m sure you’re asking, am I welcome at this tweetup? Well, if I know you exist, you’re invited! That means: friends, family, colleagues, contacts, Italian disco singers, my dentist, and any other weak ties in my contacts list are all welcome to join the tweetup.

Please give me a signal if you intend to be there (tweet, sms, email, voice). And tweet about it! Or else the only thing I give away for free is my radiant birthday smile.

Birthday present status (July 15)… 2793 followers: no free apple pie yet!

Hope to see you at Dudok on Tuesday!

p.s. Even if you can’t come, you might want to help the attendees get their free apple pie.

Disclaimer: the Dudok kitchen might have an upper limit to available apple pie…

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