Re-launch of the Management 3.0 Website


Today is the “official” re-launch of the companion website for my book:

The site launches with a fine post called The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease by Michael = FAIL, by Michael Cardus.

My followers on Twitter have noticed my struggles with (and rants about) Ning, the platform where my site was previously hosted.

After a plea for help on this blog several people suggested that I try Squarespace. And I did.

My oh my, what a relief!

Squarespace turned out to be exactly what I needed… Very easy content management, a modern GUI, a very flexible page architecture, many cool options for blogs, widgets, and membership, awesome styling features, and… super-fast customer support! (And now that I have started promoting them, they received $38.5M in funding. Go figure!)

In short, it was exactly what I had hoped Ning would be half a year ago, but wasn’t.

I have dedicated the front page of the website to anyone who wants to share an article, a guest post, an opinion, a book release, or a review.

Read the guidelines and contact me if you like to be in the spotlights!

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