The Bishops of Oih versus the Knights of Nih

In a land far, far away, hard working people are trying to Do Work and Live Well. And in their attempt to do work, and live well, in an easy and effective way, the people are advised by pious bishops and valiant knights.

The Bishops of Oih

The bishops tell people there is One Incredible Hero who has found out how to do work and live well. They say they this hero wrote an official scripture with a unique method that will solve all problems. If only people believe in it hard enough.

They say most problems in the world are simply the result of people deviating from the wise words of the One Incredible Hero. People should stick to the method, they say. If people don’t practice the one and only method for doing work and living well, they’re not true believers, the bishops say. When people stubbornly do things their own way, and they get into problems… Well… Then it’s just their own fault, isn’t it?

The Knights of Nih

The knights have a different story. The knights tell people they should not believe in things that are Not Imagined Here. The knights believe people should stay true to themselves, because they are unique, and always do things their own way.

They say most problems in the world are the result of people unthinkingly following the latest new hero. People should innovate and invent new solutions, they say. If people don’t do things their own way, they’re slaves, not believers, the knights say. When people stubbornly apply methods, and they get into problems… Well… Then it’s their own fault, isn’t it?

The Oracle of Iii

In this land, far far away, there is also an oracle who has a different view. She predicts only the people who Inform, Implement & Invent will successfully do work and live well.

She says she actually doesn’t care what people do. But in her mind’s eye she sees that some people inform themselves about what the bishops and the knights are saying. These people usually implement the bishops’ advice, except when it makes no sense. And they sometimes invent their own ways, as the knights suggest, except where this wouldn’t be smart.

These people are the most successful at doing work and living well. Because, the oracle says, it is not the most pious believers who will survive. And neither do valiant innovators have the best chance to succeed.

The ones to thrive are those best able to copy ideas and reinvent themselves.

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