5 Things I Will Change in 2013 (Lustrum 4/5)

On January 18, 2013 this blog will be exactly 5 years old. And because 5 is my favorite number, I am celebrating this moment with 5 blog posts about the blog.

I love my job because it enables me to try new things. I loose interest in old ideas when I know they work. It is much more interesting to learn if new ideas will work. That’s why I will be changing my job this year in the following ways.

From Slides to Stories

I know I can give presentations that are appreciated by large audiences. And I think the last one is the best slide deck I ever made. But this year I intend to move to the next level, and do some presentations without slides. The emphasis will be more on the story, and less on the visuals. It is called naked presentation. It will be new for me, and it will be scary. And it will be with all my clothes on.

From Training to Co-training

The next class I do in Ankara, Turkey, will be the 50th time I do the Management 3.0 course. In the future I will be delegating more and more of these courses to licensed trainers. And I am trying to push this change by moving to a co-training mode. Half of my classes in 2013 will be facilitated together with at least one other trainer. If you come to see me, you get a second one for free! 🙂

From Courses to Workshops

I noticed that people in my classes appreciate the games and discussions the most. That’s why I intend to cut down on the presentation-parts and introduce even more interactive exercises. My wish is for participants of the Management 3.0 workshops to feel that the organization of the workshop itself is a perfect example of Management 3.0 in practice. My ideal is that the attendees take over my work completely.

From Experimenting to Scaling

I experimented as an entrepreneur with my own little company, and I call the experiment a success. This year I will scale the business and do more work, with more people. But I don’t want a traditional organization, because I already know that sucks. I want to grow a business network, a community of entrepreneurs working together under one name. You will hear more about it soon.

From Writing to Producing

Of course, I will always be writing. But it’s also fun to develop other things, such as games, apps, podcasts, and videos. I can’t do this all by myself, so I will be delegating the implementation to others. But I look forward to the creative aspects of it, in particular the Steve Jobs-like rants about a few extra atoms or pixels. Ultimately, I hope we can reach more people with different media and channels.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, let me know! I love working with people with an entrepreneurial mind.

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