Wanted: T-Skilled Design Hero

My name is Jurgen Appelo. I am the author of Management 3.0, How to Change the World, #Workout, and Managing for Happiness. Next year, I will also be the author of a new book about startups and scaleups that I’m going to produce and promote with a new team. The book will be published by John Wiley & Sons. Do you want to be part of that team?

We need a T-skilled designer who has experience in (or affinity with):

  • Creating/offering new design proposals
  • Design and implementation of WordPress sites
  • Design of publications on Medium
  • Design of covers, diagrams, and illustrations

You will work part-time (roughly one day per week), remotely (preferably in Europe), and at your own preferred times and locations. Team membership starts around April 15, is intended to last one year, with a trial period of one month, and with an option to extend for another six to twelve months.

You will work as a freelancer, at a fixed monthly fee, and with a profit-sharing arrangement. Your monthly fee will be a non-refundable advance on the profit-share. The profits will be calculated from income and expenses related to royalties and public speaking.

Like many other heroes, I expect you to be:

  • Creative
  • Resourceful
  • Disciplined
  • Fun

I specifically seek T-skilled team members who are happy to branch out into unfamiliar areas. For example, as the team member who is in charge of all visual materials around the book and its promotion, we would expect you to also design the newsletter, bookplates, posters, and presentation slides. For any visual task, you will say, “OK, I will do that.”

Thanks to you, the book will be a global success. You will make it happen. You’re a hero!



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