Don’t Be Silly

I’m giving away exclusive keynotes and webinars at the price of just a few books. Don’t be stupid. Grab that chance before June 27!

I get many requests for free keynotes and frequent inquiries for online webinars. I decline them all. I don’t believe in working for free (unless there is a non-monetary value attached to the work). And I have bad experiences with webinars.

However… I will make some exceptions.

After the release of my new book Managing for Happiness on June 27, I will pick FIVE lucky communities and companies who will get from me a free keynote. They will not pay me anything, not even travel or accommodation!

I will also pick FIVE lucky winners who will get from me a free online webinar. Again, I will require nothing from them except an appreciative audience and the handling of all logistics.

You could be one of those winners!

All you need to do is taking part in the Preorder Party: order some copies of Managing for Happiness, send me the proof of purchase and nominate a community or company. The communities and companies with the most votes have a big chance of winning one of my free keynotes or webinars.

Tip: Nearly all communities and companies in this pre-order party have been nominated only once! But my free talks go to those with the most votes. It should be very, very easy to become a winner in this contest. Be the one with more nominations than others!

Seriously, don’t be silly. Don’t email me asking for a free keynote or webinar. I will just say no. Simply pre-order some books, nominate your community or company, and make sure you get more than one vote.

I am the silliest person here, giving away so much value at such a small price. 😉

You know what to do…

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