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Help Me Promote My New FREE Book!

The PDF version of my new book will be free. Soon!

Now that the writing of my third book is nearing completed (estimated release date of the free PDF version: 3rd week of May) it seems I will have some more time to talk about it.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I will appear in a Stoos Sparks webinar episode, to discuss remote collaboration, together with Dawna Jones, Lisette Sutherland and Elinor Slomba. My new book tour is remotely organized (with Lisette and Elinor) and it will be fun to share our experiences so far!

I also recently participated in a podcast with Peter and Ingrid Gerstback from Austria, to talk about business analysts and complexity. Fun stuff! You can check it out here.

Likewise, I have requests pouring in for local radio interviews, guest posts, hangouts on air, and more. Awesome!

If you want to help me promote my FREE book full of healthy management workout practices, check out the book tour schedule. Hook me up with your local journalist, news site, radio station, or video blogger, and I will make sure to set some time aside for a nice chat about better work and happier people.

Thanks for your help and support!

p.s. Did I tell you that the PDF version of my book will be available for free? 🙂

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