Stoos Stampede: Improve Everything (6/6)

The original “Stoos 21” selected Amsterdam and 6+7 July for the next event of the Stoos Network. And then I stepped forward to try and make it happen by being a Management 3.0 leader…

Improve Everything

The sixth and last part of the Management 3.0 model is Improve Everything.

So, what will I improve the next time we start organizing an (un)conference?

Next time we will have more compelling sponsor packages.

Next time we will do more marketing in non-Agile channels.

Next time we will better explain the un- part of the unconference.

Next time we will have a sorted list of participants at the registration desk.

Next time we won’t wait for attendees to create a happiness index.

Next time we will know that praying will not improve wi-fi access.

Next time I will delegate even more.

Next time…

Hope to see you next time.

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