Looking Good

No Good Reason Not to Look Good

According to a recent Harvard Business Review article (which I don’t have with me right now, sorry) almost all professions in the information industry in the US have lost jobs in the last 10 years, except creatives. While the number of jobs for editors, publishers and project managers has gone down, the number of designers, illustrators and animators have gone up.

There is a reason for that.

The reason is the increased need and ability for everyone to look good.

With the rise of Facebook, YouTube, Vine, Instagram, and many other social platforms, our personalities and businesses are more exposed than ever. People can see everything. And they can compare everything.

Five years ago, it was OK to use a self-made photo as your avatar on Twitter, because that’s what everyone else did. Five years ago, it was OK to design your own blog by tweaking a WordPress template, because there was nothing better available. Five years ago, it was OK not to think about your hairdo, because you were not on YouTube anyway.

Now everything is different.

Now you should look good, because which customer can trust a person or a business to have experience with organizational improvement, if they don’t even know how to improve their own presentation?

With so many more designers, illustrators and animators available than ever before, there is no excuse for anyone to look like an early prototype of MySpace.

There is no good reason not to look good.

p.s. How do you like my new blog design?

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