Roving Coffee

I’m inviting you for a cup of coffee!

I travel all around the world, and I noticed that I enjoy my evenings most when I’m having conversations with people about Management 3.0, ALE Network, Stoos, my upcoming book(s), politics, or science fiction & fantasy literature. And the conversations are best when I can enjoy a good cappuccino or caffè latte at the same time.

I call it Roving Coffee.

It’s a bit like Open Coffee. Only with one major difference.

While Open Coffee is a regular meetup organized in the same location, Roving Coffee is a regular meetup organized by the same person. With Roving Coffee, people self-organize around a visiting traveler, instead of a static meeting point.

I even made a simple web page for it:

It’s an experiment.

If it works well, maybe I can open the website for other travelers too, so they can announce their own roving coffees. And if it doesn’t work… Well, I can simply delete the site, of course.

For now, I hope you will join me in Stockholm, Vienna, Brussels, Copenhagen, Riga, Krakow, Bologna, Lisbon, Helsinki, or Oxford. (More cities will be announced later…)

And please let me know in which places they have coffee that doesn’t look like it was scooped off the beach at the Maasvlakte.

(The picture is from Kenny Louie.)

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