Intrinsic Desires in Tel Aviv (video)


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  • Ilan Goldstein

    Nice video 🙂
    I was also a tad frustrated negotiating my way through BG Airport last year and I’m also a believer in Franklin’s quote, “He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither” (generally…).
    That being said, based on recent history and current existential threats etc. etc. I think that Israel can justify being an exception to this rule to a large extent. Knowing some details of the above, I am ok to admit that I was very reassured that the security was so thorough, turning it into the so-called “world’s safest airport” in arguably the world’s most threatened country. Tying back to the quote, I actually felt more ‘mentally free’ traveling to Israel knowing this fact about the security, as without it, I think I would have felt much more stressed out about the trip.
    My main complaint was that they could work on their smiles but hey, we all have bad days in the office don’t we 🙂
    On a brighter note, have you read the book ‘Start-up Nation’? Along with your book, I think it truly exemplifies agile leadership and certainly shows the bright side of Israel – amazing stuff!

  • Helen

    Nice video. thanks.
    BTW, the images on TV showing that everyone was wearing poison gas mask preparing for Scott missile attack were coming back while listen what you were saying.

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