Changes for Me and This Blog

I have some major changes ahead of me, which will probably have an impact on this blog.

Medium time scale
In just two days, on August 1, I will send the final manuscript of my book to my publisher. That doesn’t mean I’m done with the book. It only means the writing will be replaced by marketing. But I look forward to that. It’s another creative project, and a new opportunity to learn while doing something useful. And you know me, I love self-promotion.

Long time scale
Yesterday, I told my boss that I want to leave ISM eCompany by the end of the year. I had a great time these past seven years. But with the launch of my book I intend to initiate a new career of full-time writing, speaking, and training. And self-promotion. Again, it will be a road full of learning opportunities. It’s probably a painful road, but definitely worth traveling.

Short time scale
But first, I will need to prepare for the Agile 2010 conference in Orlando, where I will be presenting/hosting one session. Self-promotion for that will commence in about three days. Immediately after the conference Raoul and I intend to enjoy a brief but well-deserved vacation in Norway, with all channels switched off. Except for the verbal ones.

These are the three big changes I’m facing.
It’s so exciting, it’s almost scary.

Don’t expect too much from me on this blog in August. My self-promotion will be back, with a vengeance, in September!

(image by Capture Queen)

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