New Site for Agile Managers and Team Leaders

Together with several other people I have been busy preparing a re-launch of Management 3.0. It is a site for (and by) agile managers and agile team leaders.

Like my own blog, this new site will have absolutely no information about technical practices or cool technologies. Instead, it will be about leading technical people, with blog posts about motivation, hiring, competence, knowledge, improvement, and fluffy bunnies.

And unlike my own blog the Management 3.0 site is open for submissions by everybody! Yes, it is the perfect place to do a guest post and show off your writing skills! If you do well, you can draw billions of readers to your own blog or book. I think.

The site already has guest posts in queue from Israel Gat and Pawel Brodzinski, and I have blackmailed at least a dozen other well-known authors to deliver a contribution in the next few weeks and months. So don't be afraid and submit your own blog post at Management 3.0. Have a look at the guidelines if you need a little help with it.

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