The Art of Perfect Project Management Blogging (guest post)

What’s Your Perfect Project Management Blog?

This is a guest post by Olga Kouzina. Olga is a marketing and social media expert from TargetProcess, an agile project management company. Her IT background comes from 8 years of working with outsourcing vendors. You can check Olga’s public profiles in Twitter and in XING.

As @jurgenappelo tweeted for volunteers to write a guest blog post while he'd be away on a vacation, I jumped at the opportunity. Jurgen's posts are awesome: witty, practical and broad-minded, with an array of subjects intertwined in one canvas featuring life, project management, social media and what not.

Speaking about blogs, broad-mindedness and the overall purpose of reading blogs for project management: I noticed that some posts focused on a very specific area of project management quite often do not find the acknowledgment from readers and remain almost unnoticed (meaning, not re-tweeted and socially bookmarked).

In your opinion, which post of those three would be the least popular: the one on the lack of females in software engineering, or on hate driven development or this one with a practical, real-life advice for product development? I will not give you any definite answer. Just rate those posts for yourself.

The point is: as a project manager, or a software developer, or a QA guy, or whatever web geek you are, do you really read professional blogs to get specific advice on a very narrow subject matter? Or you’d rather chit-chat and comment over some adjacent topic e.g. stupid Americans?

People are people so our blog reading preferences are as unique as our palm texture. It might be that people just feel elated when they discover a post that touches upon the most sensitive topic of their lives as software developers and forget that they’ve looked into this blog to get some help on the current production issue they’re working on.

The conclusion is: project management blogs do not necessarily have to be narrowly focused. It’s vice versa. Universal outlook and wide scope of topics, yet in one way or another close and dear to the heart of every single software developer – that’s what the perfect project management blog is about.

And that’s what NOOP.NL blog is about.

What are your blog reading preferences? Do you read project management blogs solely for the sake of project management? What’s your Perfect Project Management Blog?

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  • Think Like a Project Manager

    We’d really like to become the Perfect Project Management Blog, at least in Spain 😉
    Now seriously, thank you a lot for the advice. It’s easy to forget that our readers are human, not only hyperspecialized geeks!
    We’ll follow your blog!

  • Josh Nankivel

    Hmmm… I suppose I disagree. No wait….I do.
    Niches are where blogs thrive. I love Jurgen’s blog, but it’s not a broad project management blog. It’s focused on the development niche within project management…. agile, etc. I love this blog because I’m a former developer, turned project manager.
    My blog is focused on new and aspiring project managers. I think it’s gained traction because of that. Many of my readers wouldn’t find Jurgen’s blog interesting, because it’s just outside of their industry.
    You can’t be all things to all people. You need to be relevant to a specific group of readers. That’s what works.
    Josh Nankivel

  • Arras People

    I totally agree with Josh’s comment. Also I wanted to add that generally when I’m browsing around looking for good project management blogs, it’s the title of the posts that attract me. I might be attracted by something which is quite niche within project management that I didn’t know about before – but if this blogger had listened to your advice they might not have written about it in the first place.
    I tend to blog about project management and recruitment, which is great because I can keep it as broad or as narrow as I like. I also tend to blog about areas in project management that I know people are asking questions about right now
    Lindsay Scott

  • Soma Bhattacharya

    Olga- Liked your post and i think a lot of people will learn from it.
    However, I have to agree with Josh and Lindsay, if your blog is too broad I think its hard to reach your target audience and when you start a blog- you have to have one!
    I think for most bloggers who are consistent about blogging; even if you start with a broader perspective at a certain point, you will narrow down. Your skills and expertise will come into play.You cannot keep on writing about anything and expect consistent readers.
    I blog about newbies who are getting into project management which I started when I was getting into project management. It’s more real, because I write what I face everyday and that helps a lot of people who are new to project management, thinking about being a project manager and even people who don’t know what project management is all about.

  • Olga Kouzina

    Folks, thanks for your comments. It makes me think even more about reaching out to people. About linkage between people and authors. As Josh puts it “you need to be relevant to a specific group of readers”. But how about vice versa? What if readers like ANYTHING you write? And follow some blog just because they know that if this guy/gal writes something, this is for sure interesting and worth attention? Be it about project management, or about anything else. Does it all get down to categorizing posts in one and the same blog?

  • Angelina

    It was a very uncommon topic. But I liked it.
    Angelina Parker
    Custom Website Design

  • Pradeep Bhanot

    Great blog post. I enjoy the broad nature of and I like the depth in change management. My interest spans PPM, Innovation, Service Portfolio Management, software and Change Management.
    I write about these areas of project management at and would be interested to know what you think of it as a project management blog.

  • Constance Stickler

    I haven’t found the perfect PM blog so far, but I like blogs that don’t only focus on PM itself. Because PM is so much more than methods, tools, etc.
    Especially in small companies, the PM does not only “administrative” work (planning, controlling, etc.) – the motto is “hands on” (e.g. content management). And not to forget: PM is about dealing with people in the first place. So blogs about communication, psychology, etc. are very useful too.
    A really good blog about working in general is (German only). The author is a journalist and his style is really awesome.
    I also like – the project shrink. The topics are interesting and wide-ranging. And he has the cojones to do interviews with simple technical equipment (e.g. the audio quality isn’t that good – but it’s the content what matters, right?).
    I’m writing for the ZCOPE blog ( where I try to cover as many parts of the project management life as possible. That also means to provide a space for all project stakeholders therefore we do guest entries as well.

  • Nash

    Management is a very complex term and should be understood by the people in order to apply it to their projects.

  • Project Managements

    i like it….

  • Madona

    Well written about the art of project management blogging. I’d like to suggest one of the project management tool, “ProofHub”. It offers one place for all your projects, teams and communications.

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