The Art of Perfect Project Management Blogging (guest post)

What’s Your Perfect Project Management Blog?

This is a guest post by Olga Kouzina. Olga is a marketing and social media expert from TargetProcess, an agile project management company. Her IT background comes from 8 years of working with outsourcing vendors. You can check Olga’s public profiles in Twitter and in XING.

As @jurgenappelo tweeted for volunteers to write a guest blog post while he'd be away on a vacation, I jumped at the opportunity. Jurgen's posts are awesome: witty, practical and broad-minded, with an array of subjects intertwined in one canvas featuring life, project management, social media and what not.

Speaking about blogs, broad-mindedness and the overall purpose of reading blogs for project management: I noticed that some posts focused on a very specific area of project management quite often do not find the acknowledgment from readers and remain almost unnoticed (meaning, not re-tweeted and socially bookmarked).

In your opinion, which post of those three would be the least popular: the one on the lack of females in software engineering, or on hate driven development or this one with a practical, real-life advice for product development? I will not give you any definite answer. Just rate those posts for yourself.

The point is: as a project manager, or a software developer, or a QA guy, or whatever web geek you are, do you really read professional blogs to get specific advice on a very narrow subject matter? Or you’d rather chit-chat and comment over some adjacent topic e.g. stupid Americans?

People are people so our blog reading preferences are as unique as our palm texture. It might be that people just feel elated when they discover a post that touches upon the most sensitive topic of their lives as software developers and forget that they’ve looked into this blog to get some help on the current production issue they’re working on.

The conclusion is: project management blogs do not necessarily have to be narrowly focused. It’s vice versa. Universal outlook and wide scope of topics, yet in one way or another close and dear to the heart of every single software developer – that’s what the perfect project management blog is about.

And that’s what NOOP.NL blog is about.

What are your blog reading preferences? Do you read project management blogs solely for the sake of project management? What’s your Perfect Project Management Blog?

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