Please Help Me With My Book (10 Easy Questions)

The plan of turning my blog into a book has entered into its next stage. I think the time is right to find myself a publisher. The Agile 2009 conference enabled me to get some great advice from established authors, and I got into contact with the leading publishers in the software development business.

The next step is easy.

It's only a matter of writing the greatest book proposal they have ever seen.

So… I ask all regular readers to help me by answering 10 easy questions. I will use your answers to better formulate my book proposal, before sending it off to the publishers. The better your answers, the better my proposal. The better the proposal, the better the book. Trust me, my logic is infallible.

The topic of my book will be management and leadership in agile organizations.

These are the questions I had in mind (if the form doesn't work, click here):

Book Proposal

Thanks a lot for your input! I will keep you posted on my progress.

(image by karpov the wrecked train)

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