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DARE Festivals (15 Minutes on Air)

This is my third experiment with 15-minute interviews using Hangouts on Air. I keep experimenting with 15-minute interviews. I like the c...

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Making Money While Making a Difference (Short Video)

You reach the top of the mountain more easily when you don’t have to beg for fresh air from other people.

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Lean Change Management (15 Minutes on Air)

Jason Little’s book Lean Change Management is the first to be published by Happy Melly Express.

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Why Write a Book? (15 Minutes on Air)

In this (experimental) hangout I discuss with Ángel Medinilla what he learned from writing his book Agile Management.

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Video Experiment

We ran a safe-to-fail video experiment. We succeeded. Yay! Will you help us make the next one? Do you like watching videos? I do. That’...

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