DARE Festivals (15 Minutes on Air)

This is my third experiment with 15-minute interviews using Hangouts on Air.

I keep experimenting with 15-minute interviews. I like the concept, and I want to learn how to do these interviews better. This third time Maarten Volders was willing to help me along my learning curve.

In the video you can see that I have a new animated leader and closing animation. (Sound will be added next time.) You might also notice that I bought a better camera (a Logitech HD Pro C920). What I have been struggling with most this time was the user interface of YouTube and Hangouts on Air. My god, the pain! For example, for some reason automatic camera switching was suddenly turned off, and I had no idea how to turn it back on. Unfortunately, I sometimes failed to do it well manually. Sorry Maarten! 🙁

Oh well, I will just keep learning

Let me know what else I can improve!

What did you learn when making online videos?

You can see my two earlier experiments here:

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