How to Create a Book’s Front and Back Matter

So, your book has a great title, a nice cover, good content, and proper design? What about the front and back matter? The what? The front...

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How to Design a Book… Make It an Experience

I’m reading the book Steve Jobs, the exclusive biography by Walter Isaacson. Granted, I’m not a big fan of Steve Jobs, nor ha...

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How to Design a Book Cover… 5 Rules

One of the hardest parts of the book writing process is the design of the cover. Some experts claim the book cover is the most important ...

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How to Write a Book: Structured or Emergent

I believe most authors apply the hybrid approach to writing. They start anywhere they want, either with a logical outline or with some ra...

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How to Define Your Target Audience… with Questions

“Can our organization be a little bit more like Pixar, Spotify, Netflix, Zappos, Virgin, Valve or IDEO? Is there something I can do...

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Join Me on My Private Virtual Street Team in February!

Do you want to join me on my Virtual Street Team in February?

As my Virtual Street Team member you get:

Exclusive access to...

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Don’t Let the Incompetent Keep You Waiting

I don’t like it when people keep me waiting.

I reply to all emails within 24 hours. I pay my bills within two weeks, often w...

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I Curse My Customers

Let me tell you a little secret: Every now and then, I curse my customers. OK, it’s not really a secret, probably. I think the neig...

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See You Next Year!

My book tour was crazy, exciting, ambitious, and exhausting.

The start of the tour now seems a long time ago, even though it was j...

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Here’s My Management 3.0 Story. What’s Yours?

After 4 years of working by myself, I am now the proud manager of a team of seven great people. Two months ago, I had already extended my...

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35 Best Quotes from Management 3.0 #Workout

For several months, I posted and tweeted quotes from the new #Workout book. I then measured how often they were retweeted and liked on Tw...

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Visualizing My Objectives

I love the concept of OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) and while experimenting with this idea at Happy Melly, I’m trying to fig...

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