12 Reasons Our License Is Better Than Theirs

I have been working on a new version of the Management 3.0 license agreement, with input from the current facilitators and the friends of Happy Melly.

I needed a new agreement because: A) I want to allow other people to create Management 3.0 courseware modules; B) I needed a new pricing model that is more fair; and C) The licensing is taken over by the Happy Melly business network.

Here are 12 reasons why it’s a contract I’m proud of.

  1. There is no legalese in this contract. I tested it by asking lots of people to read it, and nobody reported difficulties with the language.
  2. There are no extortion prices in this agreement. It does not require USD 10,000 just for the right to use a name, which means it’s interesting for those who are not primarily motivated by big money.
  3. The regional pricing based on a purchasing power parity index ensures that licenses are affordable both in wealthy countries and in developing regions.
  4. The agreement introduces equality between creators and facilitators. You can produce content, or you can use content, or both. That’s up to you. There is no I-lead-and-you-follow in this system.
  5. For facilitators the agreement guarantees freedom of organization, regarding event pricing, registration methods, customizations, evaluations, etc. The only constraint is the message.
  6. The agreement guarantees that content creators get paid for the use of their slides, exercises, videos, and games. Free is nice, until you realize you have a mortgage to pay.
  7. The agreement guarantees that translators get paid for their help in making content available in other languages and other regions.
  8. The agreement has no pyramid scheme in the form of “geographical exclusivity” or “trainer accreditation”. The value is in trust and transparency, not in control and exclusivity.
  9. The agreement is event-neutral. It covers everything from 1-hour presentations at conferences to full 2-day in-company courses. It is up to facilitators to decide how bring the message to those who need it.
  10. The agreement is brand-neutral. It now mentions the Management 3.0 brand at the top, but this is easily replaced with any other brand. This means you can join us, if you have a great brand to share. {8-)
  11. Creators and facilitators sign the contract with Happy Melly, making them a stakeholder of a new business that is cooler than Semco, Virgin, Whole Foods and W.L. Gore combined. {8-)
  12. The agreement looks nice. I mean, seriously, why do contracts always look either boring or intimidating?

If you’re interested in creating content for Management 3.0 or facilitating Management 3.0 workshops or courses, go to the Management 3.0 website and fill out the form.

If you have your own brand and content and you’re looking for a way to adopt a similar licensing approach that is fair, simple, transparent, and scalable, contact me or the Happy Melly team.


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