How to Change the World, Translated

My little self-published book How to Change the World is being translated into eleven languages. The first five are now available:


(Polish, Portuguese, Swedish)

Plus the French and Japanese editions.

The other languages-in-progress are:

Turkish, Hungarian, German, Chinese, Spanish, Italian

Is anyone interested in translating the booklet to another language? Russian? Burmese? Legalese?

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“How to Change the World”
  • alma

    Yep! Should the translator do it for the glory or is the translation work remunerated … ?

  • Jurgen Appelo

    I usually propose a 50/50 profit split, after deduction of expenses.

  • Fernando Poblete Arrau

    Hi Jurgen, I really enjoyed your book (and your talk at Agile 2012) and I’m interested in doing the spanish translation (I am spanish native). Are you interested in a spanish translation?

  • Jurgen Appelo

    Thanks, but I already have someone working on a Spanish translation.

  • Fernando Poblete Arrau

    Ok no problem, good luck with that!

  • Piotr Biczyk

    And what about Management 3.0? Is it also available for translation, e.g. to Polish?

  • Jurgen Appelo

    For translations of the book Management 3.0 you will have to contact the publisher, Addison-Wesley, part of Pearson. They have the exclusive rights to the original work and therefore they also have the rights to negotiate translations. You can reach them here:

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