My 2nd Book is Out: How to Change the World

From complexity thinkers I picked up that it is good to experiment, in safe-to-fail ways. Well, I’m now experimenting being a self-publisher, and I perform this experiment with a little book (or booklet) called How to Change the World.

It was already available earlier in PDF in both A4 and Letter formats. But people have been asking for Kindle and paper versions. And where there’s demand, there should be supply. So here it is…

Order How to Change the World on Kindle.

Order How to Change the World in Paperback.

The new booklet is based on my popular How to Change the World presentation, which I’ve been performing all over Europe. (And soon in the Americas and on other continents.)

Some people have already asked me for permission to make Japanese and French versions. I’m happy to oblige. Contact me if you have similar interesting suggestions. 🙂

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