What’s Your Reason to Join the Stampede?

Why do people register for the Stoos Stampede in Amsterdam?

Let’s try and make some educated guesses by using the champfrogs schale.


I am sure plenty of change agents are curious to know how this new kind of event will play out. Will it lead to actionable results for organizational transformation? Will it lead to nothing? No better way to know than to be there.


Honor-cardMaybe some will feel it an honor to be there. It will be the first “stampede” under the Stoos umbrella name. And there are already rumors that others will follow on other continents. It’s great to be among the first.


Acceptance-cardSome who attend the stampede might be looking for acceptance. I know that many change agents feel like aliens in their own organizations. But at this event they will be among similarly-minded people.


Mastery-cardThe point of being a change agent is to become good at changing a little bit of the world around you. At the Stoos Stampede we will share stories about how to do this, which will help people to become more competent at it.


Freedom-cardMany people who are trying to change organizations are looking for freedom from command and control. The Stoos Stampede organization is exactly like that. There is (almost) no control. And lots of freedom.


Relatedness-cardThere’s no better way to get connected with other people than face-to-face conversations where we inspire each other about organizational change. I’m quite sure this event will lead to lots of new relationships being forged.


Order-cardAh, a tricky one. The people who crave for a bit of order should not feel disappointed. The stampede will not be a chaos. We will have some rules and constraints in place, to maximize the power of self-organization.


Goal-cardPeople who look for purpose won’t need to look further. Everyone who gathers at the Stoos Stampede is looking for ways to get happier employees and customers, and more meaning to running a healthy organization.


Status-cardHm, this will depend on yourself I suppose. A change agent is only as good as the change he or she was able to introduce in the system. And status will follow if you did a good job at that.

What is your reason to come to Amsterdam on 6+7 July?


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