I Need Your Help!

The nice thing about being a blogger is that you don’t need to feel embarrassed when asking for a favor.

Chris Brogan did it. Scott Berkun did it. And I’m doing it right now.

I need you to help me find cool projects for our new social media business unit.

The customers of our (parent) company normally want us to build e-commerce web sites. (And we’re good at that.) But we strongly believe more and more customers will want us to build a social network presence, and social network integration with back-office systems. That’s why we started a new business unit, with a dedicated team, for all social media-related projects.

To show off our skills, we created the amazing Sociotoco Search tool. Our team has been very busy building experience with many social network API’s. And we keep ourselves up-to-date on the latest social trends and technologies.

Now we’re ready for some challenging projects!

I need you to think with me, and answer one or more of these questions:

  • Do you know an organization in need of a (better) social network presence?
  • Do you know anyone who needs integration of a back-office system with social networks?
  • Can you name a project in need of some cool (and handsome) social network developers?

Let me give you some examples (real) projects that we’re currently pitching:

  1. Customer A wants to enlarge a small community on its web sites. We’re offering them to build a feature that allows registered users to invite friends from their Twitter, Facebook, or Hyves networks.
  2. Customer B prints digital photos and sells photo albums on their web site. We’re offering them to allow their users to synchronize uploaded photos with their accounts on Flickr, Picasa and Facebook.
  3. Customer C has a tool that assists recruiters in finding job candidates. We’ve offered to include a feature that helps recruiters to screen job candidates using their social network profiles.
  4. Customer D has absolutely no experience with social media. We’ve offered them to assist with everything, from blog writing to brand monitoring, from tweeting to managing profiles.
  5. Customer E has a CRM system with millions of people in it. We’ve offered to scan their database to see which of their contacts are among the most influential people on Twitter and Facebook.

All of these are real examples for warm leads. But we’ve started only recently, and it takes time to get things rolling.

I’m sure that some of my loyal readers have their own ideas about projects for potential customers. I invite you to share your ideas with our experienced social media team!

IMPORTANT: If you’re able to generate a hot lead for our team, you will earn yourself a reference in my book under “Acknowledgments”. And if your lead results in a real project, I even promise you a free copy. Each project in our team gives me valuable stuff to write about. So it’s only fair that I share our findings with my readers.

Oh, and Arno will play a song for you on his saxophone. You don't want to miss that! (He doesn't know this yet.)

So, do yourself a favor, and contact us with your suggestions!

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