Networked Organization

Better Management for Networked Organizations

People are in need of different answers. They need answers to questions about how to implement better management with fewer managers. Cre...

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Agility versus Discipline

Really, Can You Be Agile and Not Disciplined?

Last week, it happened again. On Facebook I posted a screenshot of the huge checklist that I use as a quality assurance gate for my book ...

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Hanging out...

Hanging Out

This week I spent more time hangout out with people, which means less time is available for my blog. Sorry about that! (Also, I have a bo...

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Stoos Sparks

Help Me Promote My New FREE Book!

The PDF version of my new book will be free. Soon! Now that the writing of my third book is nearing completed (estimated release date of ...

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Management 3.0 Book Tour

You Make It Happen (I Go Where People Send Me)

I don’t decide which countries I go to. You do. My new one-day workshop follows an important principle: I go where people send me. Se...

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Workshop Management 3.0

Workshop Management 3.0

The approach to organizing my new one-day workshops is a bit weird, I admit. That’s because I don’t care about doing things the “no...

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One-Day Workshop Part 1

Management 3.0 Workout: One-Day Workshop (Part 1)

While I am frantically working to finish my new book (with three copy editors and fifty proof readers) I’m also developing ideas for th...

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Personal Brand

Personal Branding

I call myself a Creative Networker. It is the most accurate and succinct description I could think of that wraps all the projects I am in...

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Management 3.0 Workout

No Discount for Charity

This week I was asked if I offer a discount for charity organizations for my new one-day workshops.

I said, “No”.

I don...

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Career Ladders

The Problem with Career Ladders

I once had a small disagreement with the HR manager of an organization where I worked. She showed me the suggested career paths that soft...

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United States

USA and Poland, Where Do I Go?

I have selected the USA and Poland as the next countries from the backlog for my global book tour. This means I am now waiting for your i...

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How to Pick a Book Title

How to Pick a Book Title (in 7 Steps)

My third book is almost Done.

The working title for my new book was always Management Workout. I like it, because the metaphor of ...

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