Can you help me out of my crisis?

I’m in crisis mode.
I can use your help.

My Agility Scales startup has failed (so far) and is temporarily on hold, waiting for an opportunity to pivot. ?

I am selling the last bit of ownership of Management 3.0 because, after ten years of leadership stuff, I want to do something else. But I don’t know what. ?

Now I have my new Shiftup workshops (which are going well), but I need to decide in which direction to take the brand and my future. More content? Online learning? Certification? Assessments? Communities? What should I focus on from here? There are so many options, and I have only limited time. Stress!! It feels like I’m in crisis mode. ?

What should I be doing in the next 5–7 years?

Of course, it all starts with understanding people’s needs. One thing is sure: I love working with lean-agile coaches and consultants. And that’s where you can help me out. Please participate in this survey.

  • What are the needs of lean-agile coaches and consultants?
  • What are their highest priorities?
  • And how do they differ per region?

When you give me your input, I will send you free chapters of my book Startup, Scaleup, Screwup. And I promise to send you the survey results. (Sorry, I won’t publish the results; I will only send them to survey participants.)


Thanks for helping me out of my crisis.

Next time we meet, I’ll buy you a coffee

Image © Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash

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