Help Me Run Experiments

I strongly believe that we learn most by running experiments. That’s why I try to experiment all the time. In a safe-to-fail way, of course.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or an employee. Each of us must learn how to survive and thrive while pursuing a better work-life integration. And this is best done through experiments.

Hangouts on Air Experiment

HangoutsLast week I organized my first Google Hangout on Air together with Lisette Sutherland of Happy Melly. It was an experiment. We talked with Development Managers about their job, their motivation, and their challenges. It was fun! The next hangout is scheduled on Tuesday 20 August at 21:00 CET with HR Managers. (Do you know a Human Resource Manager who wants to join? Please contact me!)

Pinterest Experiment


This week I started using Pinterest for the first time. It is an experiment. Pinterest has very different demographics compared to Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. It is definitely more colorful than Twitter. My idea is to use Pinterest to publish collections of best books and best articles about my favorite topics. I hope this helps me get connected with people that otherwise might never find me.

Medium and Quora Experiments


I also started using Medium and Quora as alternative publishing platforms. It is an experiment. I could try to get my work published on FastCompany, Forbes or Inc. But why bother? Instead of convincing magazine editors that my writing is better than theirs, I would rather delegate this honor to fellow writers and readers. Again, Medium and Quora might enable me to find an audience that I otherwise would not reach.

Do you like my blog and my articles?

Please help me with my experiments!

Follow or pin my boards on Pinterest. Recommend my article on Medium. Promote my post on Quora. Your endorsement can help other people on those networks to find my work for the first time. Who knows? Maybe, we can convince them to improve their organizations. With experiments.

Thanks for your support!

(Image: Horia Varlan)

p.s. Are you a Human Resource Manager who wants to participate in our next Google Hangout? Contact me.


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