A Few More Words

I am having difficulty describing my new startup in a few sentences. Despite countless iterations, the perfect 30-second pitch or one-slide summary is still beyond my grasp. I wonder if that is a bad thing or a good thing.

I’ve read that new mathematical proofs are getting longer and longer. This makes sense because most of the simple things have already been proven. The average size of patents has also been going up over the years. It takes more and more words to describe a new invention. So why would it be different for a truly innovative startup idea?

She carries heavy or uncomfortable bags – offer to carry them (at the same time you can get her address). She clearly rubbed her feet with her shoes – buy a couple of bactericidal plasters.
Dreamily looking at the window with a chocolate cupcake – give it to her (yes, that’s also a help).
Lost – give her directions, guide her. In a bad mood – go for a walk with her or send her some really funny (and not vulgar) memes. But the offer to just listen in the early stages norfolk hookups of dating is often a mistake. This is a great way to get into the friendzone. So it is advisable to avoid the noble role of “girlfriend” at first in every possible way.

Ideas are easy to grasp when people are already familiar with its components. But my team is not building yet another drone for making selfies. We’re not designing yet another backpack with a built-in umbrella. We’re not offering yet another customer service desk with an AI-powered chatbot.

What we want to do is a bit more complicated. We’re building a content platform that will offer crowdsourced guides to achieve business agility. And because many people lack the proper frames of reference to understand how these components work together, it takes a few more words to explain. So be it.

(photo credit: Jeanne Menjoulet, CC BY 2.0)

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