You Can Use All My Illustrations for FREE

How nice of Happy Melly to promote my illustrations today, including my YouTube video “I Can’t Draw”. I was just about to do that myself! {8-)

I would never call myself an artist or professional illustrator. But every now and then, I like working with pencils and pens and I noticed that people appreciate the “personal touch” that my illustrations add to my books and presentations.

You should try it too!

In fact, you can start by downloading all illustrations that I made for my first three books, including the new one! Yes, it is all free. And yes, you may use them in your own work, commercial or not. I would just appreciate it when you credit me, with a link to one of my websites.

However, what I really hope is that you start drawing yourself. The world already has too much stock photography.


Enjoy drawing, and show us the results some time. {8-)

remote work color

personal coaching color

cycle time lead time color

measuring problems color

job titles color

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