The Post-Workshop

The Post-Workshop

I’m working on better logistics of my new workshops. One thing that I intend to address is the post-workshop time, after the regular seven-hour event is over.

Usually, what happens after a course, conference, or workshop is that you get asked to evaluate the event. Maybe the organizers also share some photos, videos, or slides. You might get one more email reminding you to download your certificate.

Basically, that’s it.

Yes, I plead guilty here! However, I’ve not been the only one. This is what all organizers do. The question is, can we do better? Can we see the course or workshop as the thing-in-the middle? Ideally, can we see an event as a phase transition between the old and the new?

I intend to find out.

Similar to my pre-workshop idea, which is meant to let participants familiarize themselves with each other and with the topics (and to prepare themselves!), the post-workshop is intended help integrate ideas and lessons learned in people’s daily work lives.


Well, continued conversations would be useful, I guess. One idea is to organize regular exclusive hangouts for all former workshop participants, so they can share experiences with each other (and with me) and offer their suggestions for implementation and adaptation of the management workout practices.

I can’t be judged for the successes and failures of other people’s attempts at improving their organizations. But the least I can do is to make it easier for people to share their stories.

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