My Pre-Summer Schedule

I'm facing a challenging schedule over the next six weeks or so. I'll be training and presenting in 10 locations, and then I'm going to deserve a well-deserved 7-week vacation.

But it would be nice if I could see you at any of the following events…

ROOTS 2011
May 23-25, 2011
Bergen, Norway

May 27, 2011
Hamburg, Germany 

Management 3.0 course
May 30+31, 2011
Oslo, Norway 

Management 3.0 course
Jun 2+3, 2011
Columbus, USA 

Management 3.0 course
Jun 6+7, 2011
Cleveland, USA 

Agivedevpractices Agile Development Practices
June 8-10, 2011
Las Vegas, USA

Management 3.0 course
Jun 13+14, 2011
San Francisco, USA 

Sanfranciscoagile San Francisco Agile Conference
June 15-17, 2011
San Francisco, USA

Management 3.0 course
Jun 20+21, 2011
Tel Aviv, Israel 

Management 3.0 course
Jun 27+28, 2011
Mechelen, Belgium 

Hope to see some of you soon!

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