I’m Looking for Entrepreneurs and Leaders

I am glad to announce that Happy Melly One was officially registered this week in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This legal entity will be the first one to adopt the Constitution of Happy Melly. As the only owner in the network at this point I have agreed with co-founders Maarten and Vasco that (for the time being) I will act as the CEO of Happy Melly. And my first job is… inviting more people.

I am looking for entrepreneurs!

We need multiple Happy Melly entities in different parts of the world, and I am looking for people to start, own, and run those businesses.

What do we expect from legal entities?

It is the entities who will sign agreements with customers and suppliers, facilitators and content creators, send and receive payments, acquire properties such as domains and trademarks, pay local taxes, and (hopefully) make a profit. In short, the Happy Melly business will be owned collectively by the legal entities. You will be interested to know that last year the Management 3.0 licensing program had almost EUR 100.000 of revenue. I will hand over this program to Happy Melly and we will start several more programs and brands that all have to be owned, managed, and leveraged.

Do you want to be part of this and start your own Happy Melly entity? Are you interested in legal and financial stuff? Please let me know via email.

I am looking for leaders!

I also need people who can play the roles of CFO, COO, CIO, CTO, CMO, etc.

What do I expect from the CxO’s?

As soon as there are multiple legal entities, they elect a CEO to coordinate everything globally. (For now that’s me.) The CEO selects board members to help him. This is some of the work I expect we will need to do:

  • Coordinating the finances of entities, calculating contributions to the network, balancing the accounts, etc… (CFO)
  • Coordinating gatherings and huddles with legal entities and stakeholders, documenting decisions, doing legal stuff, etc… (COO)
  • Coordinating social network accounts, websites, mailings, event sponsoring, branding across materials, etc… (CMO)
  • Coordinating content repositories, directories of stakeholders, data gathering and analysis across events and properties, etc… (CIO)
  • Coordinating technologies, technical platforms, development of tools, websites and applications, etc… (CTO)

(Note: I expect people understand me better when I refer to the traditional roles, but we will probably choose more interesting names. I look forward to be working with a Chief Coffee Officer.)

It is important that board members serve the network of entities and stakeholders, which is why they have to have leadership qualities. They will get some kind of compensation for their services from the business.

If you find any of this interesting, please contact me via email.


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