Separation of Social Concerns

There was already a LinkedIn group about Management 3.0.

Now there is also a Facebook page.

And a Google+ page.

And a Twitter account.

  Facebook-85  Googleplus-85  Twitter-85

On these separate streams I post valuable links that (in my opinion) relate specifically to Management 3.0 thinking and practices. For example, I have posted links to articles such as:

I will also invite other people (including the 18 licensed trainers) to do the same.

From now on I will dedicate my personal streams on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to status updates about my own travels, courses, conference sessions, and book selections. And of course, my daily rants about crappy wi-fi, bad coffee, and criminal governments.

I hope this separation of concerns make it easier for you to choose how you’d like to stay up-to-date.

(Jurgen Appelo is author of Management 3.0 and How to Change the World.)

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