Planning My 2nd World Tour

If you read my posts about my China experience, you probably noticed how enthusiastic I was about the journey. (Apart form the flu, of course. And the the marinated pig’s feet were a bit of a challenge.)

Up front the trip looked like a big scary Chinese dog, snarling at me from 9,000 km away. But I didn’t let myself be intimated. Instead, I enjoyed the adventure, and I made some new friends on the way.

I expect similar nice experiences during my travels to Poland, France, Italy, Portugal, UK, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, and Canada.

Other Places I Want to Visit

The China trip underlined to me that there are still plenty of big uncharted areas on my personal map of the world. And those unfamiliar areas are probably filled with more great people, interesting experiences, annoying viruses, and marinated body parts.

That’s why I can use your help.

This year I have just five slots left in my calendar. I hope to dedicate those slots for courses in a number of interesting countries, such as: Russia, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, India or Mexico. (Greenland would be cool too. But I expect there to be more polar bears than Agile organizations.)

Please contact me if you are interested in organizing a Management 3.0 course in any of these countries. (And do it soon, because my calendar is running out of space.)

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