How to Change the World (download the book!)


My new booklet called How to Change the World is now available on Lulu for download (in PDF). It is the first new topic that I am publishing after the release of my Management 3.0 book a year ago.

Why this little book?

I noticed in my courses and at conferences that many Agile & Lean practitioners struggle with organizational culture and resistance to change. These issues also happen to be the #1 and #2 reasons for failed Agile adoptions, according to the Agile survey by VersionOne.

And so I investigated the topic of change management

How to influence people’s behaviors and change the culture of an organization?

The result is a “supermodel” for change, Change Management 3.0, which wraps four existing models, and combines them into something that (I believe) is more powerful than the individual models taken separately.

Change Management 30

The supermodel explains there are four aspects to change:

  1. Dance with the System (with the PDCA model)
  2. Mind the People (with the ADKAR model)
  3. Stimulate the Network (with the Adoption Curve)
  4. Change the Environment (with the 5 I’s)

Sample-1All is described in a small book (or “booklet”) of just 87 pages, with plenty of examples, pictures, and a great foreword by Steve Denning. There are also 2 jokes in there that might actually be funny.

The little book is available in PDF. Students of the Management 3.0 course get the PDF for free. Other people pay the staggering price of EUR 1,50 for the privilege of knowing how to change the world.

Why should you be a change agent?

Sample-3Well, I have grown NOOP.NL into the 3rd most popular Agile blog in the world. I was also responsible for kickstarting the Agile Lean Europe network, which now spans almost 2,000 people. And this year many hundreds of people will be attending Management 3.0 courses, given by at least 15 licensed trainers all over the world.

People keep asking me how I have achieved all that. Some say I’m gifted. But I’m not. I can shut my nose with my upper lip. Other than that, I don’t have special talents. I’m just working hard and smart. And this seems to have an effect on people. Which is fun!

You can do this too!

Becoming a successful influencer requires work, not talent. At least the first step is easy. Just download the PDF and start learning.

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