This Is Why You Will Attend ALE 2011

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You will not attend the Agile Lean Europe 2011 unconference because it has an amazing program with a unique format of 30 minute talks in the morning and open space in the afternoon.

You will not attend ALE 2011 because it has speakers and attendees from more than 31 different countries.

You will not attend ALE 2011 because it has a great line of speakers, including Rachel Davies, Bjarte Bogsnes, Dave Snowden, Karl Scotland, Chris Matts, Andrea Provaglio, Willem van den Ende, Claudio Perrone, Monika Konieczny, and many more.

You will not attend ALE 2011 because the conference is very affordable (only EUR 250) and yet situated in the heart of an amazing city (Berlin).

You will not attend ALE 2011 because it is the first with a special partner- and kids program.

Those are all… nice-to-haves.

You will attend ALE 2011 because this first pan-European Agile & Lean conference will be a historical event. Because next year you want to be able to say you participated in the very first edition of this unique self-organized conference.

You attend ALE 2011 so that in 10 years time you can say

“I was there when it started!”

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