ALE Network, What’s Next?

My spouse keeps saying that the financial mess of the EU is largely due to the lack of leadership in Europe. Ask anyone for examples of Great Leaders, and they will come up with names such as Mahatma Ghandi, George Washington, Nelson Mandela, Mao Zedong, and Abraham Lincoln. None of them were Europeans. (Oh yeah, Europe produced some guy named Adolf Hitler. Sorry!)

Place Barack Obama next to the comic duo of José Manuel Barroso and Herman van Rompuy, and you get my point.

Last year we made good progress with the birth of Agile Lean Europe. The ALE2011 unconference in Berlin was a great success, and I’m sure ALE2012 in Barcelona will be great as well.

But what’s next?

We had dozens of ideas last year. But, with the exception of the annual conference, very few of them seem to be moving forward. What can we do about this? How can we change Europe? Where are the leaders?

Maybe ALE needs a guiding coalition to lead the change.

Let’s discuss this next week in Barcelona.

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  • Snscaimito

    I’ve looked through the list of ideas and didn’t find one that benefits organization seeking help directly. ALE Network can be used to raise awareness, to highlight what the community can offer and help those seeking help find those providing the help.
    For example, an unconference for coaches to learn from each other is nice and very helpful. But let’s not forget the customer/client. In the end everything we do has no value unless it’s being used by someone in need. And for that, first, they need to know what’s out there.
    With that I’m not advocating a big conference like AA’s Agile2012 or so.

  • Jurgen Appelo

    Sorry, I disagree. There are already plenty of conferences, books, websites, etc. doing what you suggest. That is not what we launched the ALE Network for last year.

  • Snscaimito

    My understanding of ALE is to help us (coaches, etc.) serve our clients better and better reach our clients. And in the process of doing good work with them we can change the world a little bit.
    Or is there a different goal / reason for being for the ALE network?
    For example, the list of ideas has “bring speakers to user groups”. From that coaches can benefit, because it gets them exposure to potential clients or at least to those who might take the message inside. As an independent coach I should be interested in collaborating with others to make such an offering work. At the very least it would be good for my brand. It might also lead to business. So it makes sense to invest time and money. I’m also doing good, because I can share what I’m passionate about. And if there is no group in a city or region, then we can help to create one. From that everybody in that city/region would benefit simply because there is a community forming.
    But then I can’t hide some disapointment and kind of have to lean towards David’s remark on Twitter that we might be just about talk.
    Or – and now I fully expect to be potentially seen as the bad guy – maybe we like to talk and learn from each other but when it comes to investing anything, anything from which others may benefit, we rather do nothing in order to avoid loosing out ourselves. You did a great job bringing Europeans in this together, but – having lived outside Europe for a while and looked at us (myself) from the outside – I can’t shake that feeling that we might be afraid of actually cooperating with each other. This is a totally personal perception and it may be just my own problem, but since my return I do sense a lot of envy amongst the people here where I live. But then again, I don’t know what it is.
    If the (0) after each idea on the website means “nothing has been done”, it is a shame.
    I personally am interested in working together with some people on some the ideas, as I think myself and others may benefit and I feel that’s ok and worth it.

  • JM

    Peter the Great, Winston Churchill and Mikhail Gorbachev maybe?

  • Parker

    That said, I have been involved with many communities in this agile domain and my overwhelming opinion is that there is really nothing deep to hold us as a community. We aren’t a community in the sense of war veterans for example. The experiences we have are not significant enough to bind us.

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