What About the Non-Feedback?

Agile software development is all about shortening feedback cycles. That’s why I started blogging before I wrote a book. And that’s how I came up with the Feedback Door in my courses.

Feedback is crucial. It enables you to adapt and survive. But what about the non-feedback?

Peter F. Drucker once wrote: even more important than your customers are your non-customers. Why are they not your customers?

Likewise, even more important than feedback might be the non-feedback.

Why are there only 10 feedback notes on the door, when there are 20 students in the course? Why are there only 11 Amazon reviews, while there are many more readers of the book? Why are there so few bugs being reported for our product?

There is a big number of non-communicating users out there. Are these silent people happy? Are they willing to speak their minds? Do they care?

Apart from focusing on the feedback from those who talk, you might want to take time to find out about those who don’t.

Feel free to reply to this post if you like. And if you don’t feel like replying, why not?

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