The Pain of Having Friends on a Dozen Networks

Let me tell you a bit of my work…

I have followers on Twitter, friends on Facebook, contacts on LinkedIn, and many more relations on at least a dozen other social networks. How do I manage all that? Easy…I don't! 🙁

Here are a few tools I would like to have:

use case 1
When I connect to someone on LinkedIn some fancy tool notifies me: "Your new LinkedIn contact is also on Twitter and Facebook, do you want to connect there as well?"

use case 2
When I have been connected to someone for a while, a nice tool tells me: "Your contact has recently opened an account on SlideShare and Foursquare. Do you want to connect there too?"

use case 3
I'm trying to follow some friends and celebrities on-line, and a tool tells me: "Your contact has updated his bio on 2 of his 5 social network profiles. Do you want to see the changes?"

use case 4
I'm following people on Facebook, and a nifty tool lets me know: "One of your contacts deleted her Facebook profile, and she has now joined a new open source network called OpenBladibla."

Is this possible? I'm sure it is!

Over the last few weeks my team has been busy preparing the release of a nifty new tool: Sociotoco Sets. While it does not directly solve the problems I listed above (yet), we strongly believe that our tool is an essential piece of the puzzle. For example, this is my personal set:


And here are some other examples of sets we've created: 

We have released tools and an API to facilitate joining profiles across multiple social networks. Now we will start working with 3rd parties to build tools for synchronization and notifications.

Check out this little video we created:

Or read our press release here:

Sociotoco presents major update to its Social CRM API

Our Sociotoco API is already successfully integrated in BatchBlue's CRM system. We are now working with other vendors to add social search and social profiles to their systems.

Many times I have noticed that the best tools are created when people are trying to solve their own problems. Managing contacts across a dozen networks is my problem. And I'm trying hard to solve it.

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