When You Are Rejected

When you're applying for a job, and you get rejected because the employer has strong selection criteria, will you then complain about the harsh selection process? Will you claim that a good-looking CV should have been enough to give you the job?

Or will you try and prepare yourself to do better next time?

Suppose you're a musician who wants to play at a concert. But you get rejected when the organizer is not convinced of your personal letter in which you boost your own musical skills. Will you then say that it is unfair? Will you say that new talent, without any proof or credentials, also deserves a place on stage?

Or will you go home and work harder on both your skills _and_ your references?

Now suppose that you're a speaker who wants to speak at a big conference. And you get rejected because you were not able to convince the selection panel…

What will you do?

(image by m.ART.in)

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