When You Are Rejected

When you're applying for a job, and you get rejected because the employer has strong selection criteria, will you then complain about the harsh selection process? Will you claim that a good-looking CV should have been enough to give you the job?

Or will you try and prepare yourself to do better next time?

Suppose you're a musician who wants to play at a concert. But you get rejected when the organizer is not convinced of your personal letter in which you boost your own musical skills. Will you then say that it is unfair? Will you say that new talent, without any proof or credentials, also deserves a place on stage?

Or will you go home and work harder on both your skills _and_ your references?

Now suppose that you're a speaker who wants to speak at a big conference. And you get rejected because you were not able to convince the selection panel…

What will you do?

(image by m.ART.in)

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  • http://www.zacharyspencer.com Zachary Spencer

    I will squeel like a little girl that I was even considered!

  • http://www.twitter.com/tungano Tungano

    I happen to really like the speaker you are referring to, he’s one of the (deminishing?) few that speaks actual code, coding tactics and techniques in agile context.
    Perhaps this is part of the reason; his or her profile is not ‘project management’-ish enough?
    Curious to see the speaker list and if it will be like: all managers to the left, all coders to the right -> “the software craftmanship conference”.
    In that case the message for said speaker is “go home and become a manager” 😉
    Anyhow not going to this conference anyhow, but I may miss out on a nice InfoQ presentation!

  • http://profile.typepad.com/jurgenappelo Jurgen Appelo

    I am not referring to any specific speaker.
    And I honestly don’t know which one you mean.

  • Johan

    Are you on drugs?

  • shankarooni

    i think no one can reject maria carry music skills? what do you think?

  • F.R.

    Working harder will only help you if not working hard enough was part of the problem.
    If you’re already working as hard as you can, it could be a matter of strategy rather then determination.
    I would seriously reconsider my searching strategies.
    There are loads of conferences (jobs, concerts, etc…).
    Maybe the one I was after was not as good a match as I thought. Maybe a conference with a (slighly) different subject will accept me. Or I could start at local, smaller conferences. Or maybe I should apply a different way (have someone from my network introduce me or put in a good word for me, instead of only sending an email). Of maybe I should try to give a worshop rather then a lecture because I am better at it. Etcetera.
    If you search the same way you’ve searched before, it’s likely you end up with the results you’ve had before.

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