The Dolt’s Guide to Self-Organization (Presentation)

Here it is: my latest presentation. Five days of work, 38 drawings, 14 photos, 81 slides, and plenty of texts, to be delivered for the first time at the Scrum Gathering in Orlando next week.

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  • Jakobbuis

    Great presentation! An interesting subject, and great use of graphics. Too bad a number of slides didn’t convert properly though..

  • Dyfy

    I love everything except the title (what do you want to convey with “Dolt?”) and the 9/11 picture. Both might be too distracting for an American audience.
    Extremely valuable.. Even though I have been reading you explain these concepts for many months, just thumbing through the slides helped me “get it” in a new way. I anticipate myself borrowing some technique, text, or ideas from this sometime in the next year.

  • manuel

    Again an excellent presentation.
    Thx a bunch 🙂

  • AngeloAnolin

    Would there be a recorded screencast when you present this? Would love to see the presentation being delivered in its full complexity.

  • Joseph Pelrine

    Not bad, Jurgen, but it’s a pity you used the Wikipedia definition of SO. There are much more accurate and scientifically rigourous definitions.

  • Rdavidescu

    Great presentation Jurgen,
    Now a lot of SCRUM practitioners can benefit from how can deal with an important part of SCRUM methodology: team viewed from human angle. After all, team is a living thing and not a machine as roughly assumed by many managers.
    Good luck with the delivery of the presentation an the gathering. I’m sure you’ll got their attention.
    I must also congrats once more for your sharing style. By putting the next weeks presentation on your site before actually present it shows a lot of spirit.

  • Jurgen Appelo

    Thanks for the comments everyone!
    I’ll make some minor improvements next week and upload a new version.

  • David Lojudice Sobrinho

    Hi Jurgen! Great presentations! Congratulation!

  • Kris Dev

    Demystifying self-Governance …. Keep it up.

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