Seven Little Moments of Ecstasy

I enjoy seven little moments of ecstasy for every book that I purchase. Let me tell you about them.

The first little moment of ecstasy is experienced when I discover a book. This may be due to someone’s blog post, Amazon’s suggestions, award lists or lists of new releases. Whatever the reason, all books end up on my Amazon wishlist.

I experience my second little moment of ecstasy once every few months, when I make a new purchase of a large pile of books. The idea that new books are on their way to find my home is almost thrilling to me.

My third little moment of ecstasy is enjoyed receiving the (often quite heavy) packages, unwrapping them eagerly, and displaying the books on my table. At this point I really have to take care not to drool all over them. (BTW, an optional extra little moment of ecstacy is experienced when I realize that the Amazon package did not include an import tax slip.)

The books I received last week

I enjoy my fourth little moment of ecstasy when placing all new books in their proper places in my (alphabetically ordered) book case. It’s a pleasure simply to look at them, all neatly lined up together.

My book collection (the science fiction & fantasy part section)

The fifth little moment of ecstasy is enjoyed when selecting a new book to read. Selection is always a complicated process with me, involving a lot of thinking, and some random variations of happily humming eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

While reading a book, I enjoy my sixth moment of ecstasy repeatedly. It occurs every time I pick up the book to continue where I left the day before.

The seventh, and last, little moment of ecstasy is experienced when I finish reading a book, knowing that I am closing it for the very last time, and putting it back in its dedicated position among its friends.

Those are my Seven Little Moments of Ecstasy I enjoy with each of my books. How many do you have?

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