A Title for My Book

I need a title for my book. I still have more than a year to think about it, but I'm already anxious about it. I checked the titles of a number of recent books about software development practices, in the hope of finding some inspiration. These have been some of my latest purchases:

Agile Project Management (Jim Highsmith)
Agile Software Development (Alistair Cockburn)
Agile & Iterative Development (Craig Larman)
Agile Project Management with Scrum (Ken Schwaber)
Agile Management for Software Engineering (David J. Anderson)

It seems I will have to be quick about choosing my own book title, because quite soon all combinations and permutations of "Agile", "Management", "Project", "Software" and "Development" have already been taken! Further delay of my choice will see me having a book titled "Agile & Iterative Project Management, Software Development and Software Engineering".

Having the word "Agile" in the title has apparently been turned into a Law by the publishers' Marketing departments. Fortunately, I have found a way around that. I am now considering either of these two short titles for my book:

vag·ile [vajuhl or, especially Brit., -ahyl]
–adjective Biology.

endowed with or having freedom of movement.

frag·ile [frajuhl; Brit. fraj-ahyl] 

1. easily broken, shattered, or damaged; delicate; brittle; frail: a fragile ceramic container; a very fragile alliance.


2. vulnerably delicate, as in appearance: She has a fragile beauty.


3. lacking in substance or force; flimsy: a fragile excuse.
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