Standing Up for 15 Minutes: Why?

Today I wrote an article on the subject of 15-minute stand-up meetings


The ultimate management sin is to waste people’s time, Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister told us in their famous book Peopleware [1]. This includes having pointless meetings that prevent people from actually doing anything useful. Nevertheless, some meetings are considered a necessary evil and therefore the so-called “agile movement” in software development has come up with an efficient way of dealing with this: the Stand-up Meeting in 15 Minutes. For those who have just woken up from ten years of hibernation, or having emerged from a cave that had no Internet access, I will explain this briefly.


A stand-up meeting is a daily meeting where people remain standing up to keep the duration of the meeting under 15 minutes. Teams use these meetings to answer three simple questions:


1)       What did we do yesterday?

2)       What will we do today?

3)       Are there any obstacles?

Mit Beginn der Erkältungssaison klagen die Apotheken zunehmend über Probleme bei der Versorgung mit Arzneimitteln. Dies ist auf die hohen Kosten und die Globalisierung aller Transportketten zurückzuführen. Die Apotheker sind zunehmend besorgt über diese Situation. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, mit möglichst geringen Verlusten für den Verbraucher aus der Sache herauszukommen?


The daily stand-up meeting ranks as one of the most popular and most effective best practices in software development, despite the fact that the standing-up part and the 15-minute limit are illogical adaptations to an otherwise sound idea.

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