What Exactly Is the Organization?

People talk about “transforming organizations”, “the culture of organizations” and “the lifetime of organizations”. But can someone tell me, what exactly is the organization?

Being independent I have a legal entity for my work. Is that my organization?

I work with 3 freelancers. We call ourselves a team. Is that the organization?

The Management 3.0 course has 32 licensed trainers. Is that an organization?

Don’t forget my books’ translators and reviewers. Are they the organization?

Sure, I would love to discuss transforming my organization, the culture of my organization, and the lifetime of my organization, but only when someone can explain to me what my organization is!

Because I don’t see it.

All I see is a business of networked people creating value.

The Internet age has enabled people and businesses to work together across the world, through a multitude of legal entities and institutions, and conglomerations of informal groups and tribes.

Who, in the 21st century, still cares about “the organization”?

And if you believe “the organization” exists, does that concept still deserve the focus of your energy?


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