What Are the Amazing Companies?

If I hear one more reference to Semco as an example of an amazing company, I’m going to scream. Really. And I’ve also heard the names of W.L. Gore, Whole Foods Market, and Southwest Airlines a few times too often.

Can we move on with the good examples please?

I blogged recently that Spotify is, according to my sources, an amazing organization. They not only delight their stakeholders, they are also a great place to work for employees. (At least, that’s what I heard.)

I’m sure that’s not all?

Which other companies in Europe, USA, or elsewhere, are examples of amazing companies, with great management, happy employees, delighted customers, and smiling shareholders?

Please let me know.

Maybe, somehow, we can convince a few of those organizations to come to the Stoos Stampede in July. To share their experiences with us. I’m sure that would delight the change agents who are hungry for good stories.

And it would relax my vocal cords.

(photo by mdanys, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic)

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